Journey - Building a new facility!

Compass Church Simi Valley is growing. We are currently meeting at Boys and Girls Club, Simi Valley, while our new facility project commences through all the phases of approvals, design, and build out on the west end of Simi Valley. 


First.... find a building...

It's been a blessing to have located an existing building that can be re-purposed as a worship center, located on the west side of Simi Valley, just off Madera Rd. We've received the initial occupancy approval with the appropriate local agencies and our detailed construction plans are in the system for required approvals. 

We'll provide updates as we progress into actual building modifications. We are looking forward to continuing our ministry to Simi Valley and the surrounding communities in a permanent location. 

The church is not a facility, but is a body of believers that live out the Gospel in their words and actions. The church is at its best when people inside the building take Jesus’ message outside the building and serve those they meet. That's our continuing mission. We would love for you to join us on this journey.