Children are invited to remain in our main sanctuary during our worship celebration, and then they are escorted to our Sunday school classrooms, staffed by excellent teachers and caregivers, ready to share the love of Jesus with the children. They learn Bible stories, do arts and crafts, and enjoy their own special time together during the celebration service.


There are many activities available, such as Bible studies, outings, arts and crafts, to the women at Simi EV Free. Please check the church calendar on this web site, or our church Facebook page     for the latest details on upcoming events!


"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

Upcoming Events:


The Men’s Ministry is devoted to loving God and loving people. This involves three important ways that men can reach out to others to increase Christ likeness and strengthen His church.

Our focus is on…

Stewardship This is about helping others within and outside the church. Whether it’s a project someone can’t do themselves, financial aid to meet some special need, or some “heavy lifting” around the church facility, we want to steward the strengths, gifts and resources the Lord has given to us. 

Fellowship - This is about enjoying one another as Brothers in Christ and getting to know each other on a casual basis. This could happen at a men’s breakfast, on a camping trip, or even while attending an air show. Men are strengthened when they share life with other Christian men. 

Discipleship  - This is about mentoring and encouraging one another in our walk with the Lord. The setting could be coffee at Starbucks, dinner, or a Bible Study, it doesn’t matter; when men take the time to talk with other men about what the Lord is teaching them, and pray together, they grow as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Check the church calendar on this website for the next scheduled Men’s event. Would you like to receive Men’s Ministry emails? Leave your email address and/or phone number with our office.